Appraisal Repairs

A Real Estate Agent’s dream come true. Repairs Completed in 24 hours – 48 Hours.

Save valuable time with a reputable contractor.

The process is fast and easy. Upload your appraisal report, then we will get an estimate back to you within 12 hours. Once the estimates are approved, we can begin the work immediately

Step 1: Upload Appraisal Report

Upload your Appraisal report and repairs list as an attachment below, and we will get to work on the estimate immediately.

Step 2: Get Estimate Within 12 hours

We know it sounds crazy, but we understand how critical these estimates are. We’ll keep the deal moving along with results within 12 working hours.

Step 3: Approve Work To Be Done

Our process makes it easy to approve your estimate. Once approved, we’ll start the work and provide a repair report with photos within 24-48 hours.

A simple, streamlined process. Every transaction.

Every home and appraisal are different – but that doesn’t mean your repair process needs to be. With World’s Best we will get all your real estate appraisal repairs handled professionally, you get fast estimates, all the skilled trades you need under one roof, and a team that manages everything for you. A consistent process, no matter what the inspection brings.

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