Lawn Care Services In Edmond, Guthrie and Surrounding Areas

Lawn Care and Mowing Services

We Mow Both Residential and Commercial Properties

World’s Best offers either a weekly or 10 day rotation lawn mowing service to all of our clients. 

  • Weekly Lawn Mowing::  Weekly service offers set scheduling for regular maintenance customers. This service includes a professionally manicured mow, bladed edge work around driveways and walkways, string trimming along the house and fence line and blowing clippings off all hard surfaces for a polished finish.
  • 10 Day Rotation Lawn Maintenance: 10 day rotation service is performed on a designated work schedule. 10 day rotation service includes mowing, edge work, string trimming and blowing as featured within our regularly schedule weekly service

Leaf Removal/Fall Clean Up

Nothing like the entrance of cooler fall temperatures, but along with those changes come our beautiful fall leaves. World’s Best offers fall leaf clean ups aimed at targeting those beautiful leaves and removing them from sight. Our service professionals will blow, rake, and vacuum all leaves while picking up downed tree branches and removing old growth and debris from your planting beds. Our goal is to leave your property free from unsightly decomposing plant material and leave your turf open for nutrient absorption leading into the winter months. Fall clean ups may require several appointments beginning in late September through mid December based upon weather and seasonal conditions.

While some accounts have no need for leaf removal, others need services bi-weekly throughout the fall and winter months.

Fall Maintenance Ranges: September through December. 

– Basic package includes 3 services per year.
– Extended package includes 8 services per year.

Lawn Health

 Specialized turf and lawn care treatments to improve the overall health of your yard.

Want your yard to stand out against the crowd? World’s Best “Turf Plus Program” is a year round systemic approach to creating the yard you always wanted. So what does it offer?

  • Round 1: Late February through March
    • Pre-Emergent and Post-Emergent Applications: Weeds are the first thing we typically see transitioning from winter into spring. With warmer weather not only do we see the emergence of rising temperature, but those pesky weeds. Mowgistics will apply a pre and post-emergent application aimed at reducing the spread and intrusion of these turf-based weeds. Once we get closer to your first cut of the season then round 2 becomes the next major step in promoting a healthy turf.
  • Round 2: April through May
      • Step 1: Dethatching: We start by dethatching your yard. This removes old dead grass clippings located between the healthy green vegetation layer and the subsoil root system. Dethatching is a “Deep Raking” method used to free up this harmful thatch layer and open up your turf to freely absorb air, water and important nutrients otherwise blocked from thatch build up of ½ inches to 1” in depth. Failure to dethatch annually or semi-annually can result in the promotion of disease and unwanted insect infestations within your turf.
      • Step 2: Aeration: Step two involves aeration of your lawn. Our lawn aerator allows us to remove “Cores” from your turf. These cores or plugs once removed now allow air, water and nutrients to enter the root systems which promote healthy and greener grass. Our dethatching and aeration techniques at World’s Best set the stage for new grass and fertilization processes to occur.
      • Step 3: Overseeding and Fertilization: Overseeding is the process of building and thickening your turf by distributing new grass seed throughout your lawn. This in combination with the breakdown of the aerated soil cores and newly applied fertilizer support the germination of the newly dispersed grass seed. Within a matter of a few weeks, you’ll notice significant growth and vibrancy within your turf. World’s Best will continue fertilization services throughout the year to ensure proper soil conditions and turf health.
  • Round 3: Weed and Insect Control: Through the dethatching process the elimination of harmful diseases and insects are greatly minimized, but not completely eliminated. Therefore, we will apply weed and insect applications throughout the year to effectively minimize the harmful effects of these intrusive aliens. Grubs are a common problem in areas of the Great Plains especially within Oklahoma. Grubs originate from beetles emerging in the early spring laying eggs within the soil of your yard. These beetles eat away at the vegetation within your turf and later when these eggs hatch the newly formed grubs begin the destructive processes underneath the soil when they begin to devour the turfs root systems. Preventative measurements early and continuing throughout the year will reduce the harmful effects of these insects along with others like ticks, ants and more.
  • Service Areas Include: Edmond, Guthrie, and the greater Oklahoma city metropolitan area.



Are you looking for a reliable, highly rated Lawn Care service in Oklahoma City? Look no further than World’s Best! Fully licensed and insured, we provide a wide range of Lawn Care services to homeowners and businesses in the Oklahoma City area:

  • OKC, Edmond, and Guthrie
  • And surrounding areas in Oklahoma

We are a full service lawn care company, we can help from lawn mowing, weed control, fertilization and even mulching your flower beds.


We are a licensed and insured company ran by industry professionals with years of successful experience in all aspects of lawn care and landscaping.


In working with World's Best, you will experience top-notch service, where customer satisfaction is the #1 priority.


Fair pricing along with excellent service is a commitment we stand behind.



Jennifer Lewis
Jennifer Lewis
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The World's Best crew was very professional, on time and did an excellent job! I called them and got a quick quote as promised. They were very reasonable too. Got my appointment booked with ease. They came in and did the repairs I needed and done. I already recommended them to my realtor on the same day! Thanks Structure Serve!
Latisha Williams
Latisha Williams
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We have been using this company for many years and are very satisfied with their work. Everyone that has come to our home has been very professional and courteous. We can highly recommend this company for all your home repair needs.
Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson
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World's Best handyman helped me put up some heavy shelves in my kitchen, and they did a wonderful job! I loved being able to call them to quickly take care of a job that would have caused me a lot of stress. I wanted to make sure that the shelves were straight and the perfect distance from the counter, and it would have taken me forever to do it myself. Quick, professional, and convenient!